G’day, I started compiling these gold maps 2 years ago after I had to retire from the army due to Injury’s I got from Afghanistan.

I have been prospecting for over 15 years, even when I was in East Timor or Afghanistan I would check out rock types or have a quick pan or some gravel if time & security permitted.

When I was “retired”, I wanted to do a lot more prospecting (spending time in the bush is much more enjoyable without a 70kg pack and machine gun!) I was looking for some information to help me find those out of the way places that don’t get thrashed, when I found a couple of discs for sale on Ebay.

The description read “2000 gold maps” and mentioned maps from QLd NSW and Vic. It looked ok, so I bought it. $40 plus post.

Now these discs took 4 weeks to get to my house. I asked a couple of times where they were to the seller.

“We live on Norfolk Island, and the mail takes a while” was the reply. Now having been to the island I know there are planes in and out every day. Were they sending by pigeon?

The discs finally arrive, so in the computer they go to have a look.


There is about 200 old gold maps mostly Vic and NSW, with one old scratchy drawing of the whole of Queensland and a couple of x marks the spots type deals. The rest of the discs are filled with PDF file Victorian forestry maps and some old Ebooks.

I was pretty pissed off. I re read the listing, and it was very carefully worded, to only just fall within the bounds of what I had bought. I brought it up with Ebay, but they couldn’t care less.

SO now I really pissed off, with heaps of time on my hands. Time to put these scamers out of business.

So I created www.Goldmap.com.au, I gathered every bit of information of gold locations I could (which is a massive ongoing process) bought all 4 gold & ghosts books, learnt how to create websites, and started putting it all together.

I wanted the maps and information to download instantly, so no waiting, and to make them easy to find.

I know I pissed of the scammers- because they bought some of my maps just so they could leave bad feed back!

We do not copy any maps from Gold & Ghosts- we distill the information down onto current maps and GPS points- giving you the best place to look and the best chance of gold.
As part of this report we will plot locations on modern maps, and save the files so they can be programmed into GPS, Oziexplorer and Google earth.