Endeavour Gold Project-West Normanby River FNQ

Ref : Endeavour

Address :

West Normanby River- Palmer Region

Amenities :

  • Onsite living rough shed

Financial informations :

Price $ 800 ,000

Details :

The area is located North west of Cairns, 244km by road which takes around 4 hours to drive.

Roads can be difficult or impassable from November to April

Closest town in Lakeland, It contains a hotel, a cafe, and roadhouse and a small store. It has a grass airstrip and is connected to the state power grid.

Lakeland Caravan Park is situated on the junction of the Mulligan Highway and the Peninsular Development Road.

Mines are around 10km from the Town.

It is located in the Shire of Cook.

Telstra Claims to provide 3G network service.


Cooktown Sheet SD55-13 1:250,000

Butchers Hill 7866  1:100,000

Butchers Hill 7866-2  1:50,000

MONTE CRIST0 P.C. ML 6534 Approx: 24 Hectares

Historic Tonnage Crushed: 346.5 tons

Historic Yield of Gold: 1,160.5 ozs for  3.35 oz/ton

Ore: Gold associated with quartz veining.

Associated Mineralization: Pyrite and arsenopyrite.

Country Rock: Slates and arenaceous schists.

Structure: Major structural trend in the country rock is N5°E.

The "Monte Christo" lease consists of a system of five independent reef systems.

The five main ore deposits are the Monte Christo, the Endeavour Reef 1, the Endeavour reef 2, the Norton Reef and the Blue Peter or Lady Nelson reef.

The Endeavour reefs are seen to be on the same geological vein structure as the Maddens mine.

They have all been worked by the old timers, and have proven track record of rich bearing gold reefs.

The Monte Christo reef reflects historical yield results of up to 90 to 430 Grams per tonne

The Endeavour 1-2 reefs and the Norton Reef have shown consistent returns of 60 Grams per tonne.


The mullock heap is almost the same size as the Monte Cristo mine.

Gold associated with vein quartz.

Associated Mineralization: Pyrite.

Country Rock: Grey, black slates and silty, arenaceous schists.

Structure: Trend of the lode appears to be N20°w.

MT. POVERTY  ML 6790 Approx: 15 Hectares

Historic Tonnage Crushed: 24 tons

Historic Yield of Gold: 17.85 ozs for 0.74 ozs/ton

Ore: Gold associated with vein quartz.

Associated Minera ization: Tentative identification of pyrite and arseno-pyrite.

Country Rock: Arenaceous, micaceous schists.

Structure: Lode quartz trends at N30°E and vertical. The zone mined does not consist of 1 quartz body but up to five separate subparallel veins.

This lease is approximately 3 kilometres north of the Monte Christo lease and Rocky Road tenements. It consists of a reefing system containing at least four separate orebodies.

The Poverty lease has been partly developed by Endeavour Gold Pty Ltd having installed an audit tunnel 350 meters in cross cut. Two production drives have been developed on two major reef systems, facilitating an immediate start to production upon recommissioning.

Bulk sampling from cross cut ore bodies has yielded between 17-62 grams per tonne.

THE ROCKY ROAD LEASE ML 7199 Approx: 50 Hectares

ML 7199

The Rocky Road lease consists of a large number of reefs systems worked by the old

timers. Historical data confirm yields of 2 ounces per ton.

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