For those that write things outside, and may get wet- I found this.
I tested it by writing on a peice with several pens, pencils, highlighters and textas- then ran the tap on it for a few mins. Highlighter pen washed off, and texta smudged. pen & pencil were fine. Paper didnt weaken at all- and dried quckly. 
I got it from officeworks, and it was surprisilnng cheap 
just as good as "rite in the rain"


Produced using a patented manufacturing process that combines Calcium Carbonate (Chalk) and High Density Polyethylene (H.D.P.E) in proportions that were once considered impossible i.e. 80% Chalk with 20% H.D.P.E. Our range of products are a fantastic alternative for any business with a genuine desire to use sustainable printed products and reduce their plastic consumption.

Nuco International have worked with the manufacturer in the Far East to develop a range of printable products for the graphics, packaging and display industries in Europe. All of our products are easy to print and will reduce ink consumption considerably.

Sustainability at a commercially competitive price

The Nu Stone family of products offer a unique combination that combines real-world sustainability without the usual price premiums associated with “green” materials.


The Nu Stone Product Family
Nu Stone Print – Available in 100 – 200 mics – Printed products used outdoors
Nu Stone Opaque – 200 – 400 mics – POS printed products, internal or external
Nu Stone eCard – 200 – 500 mics – POS. Gift and Loyalty cards
Nu Stone Card – 400 – 1000 mics – POS. Gift and Loyalty cards
Nu Stone Packaging – 500 – 1000 mics. Food packaging and thermo-forming
Nu Stone Bags – A range of materials for the retail bag industry


From the earth back to the earth
The search for a sustainable alternative to plastic has been on for many years and biopolymers have been developed in the past. However, there have traditionally been cost implications in choosing to use these products and the viability of the raw materials used have come into question.
The Nu Stone range of products are a real world alternative for those businesses looking to reduce their consumption of plastic products. In reality a simple product created without additives or toxins from a replenishable raw material. Please find detailed below the production process:

  • Calcium Carbonate (Chalk) is sourced often as bi product of the mining industry as “offcuts’ from the larger pieces that are preferred by other industries
  • The chalk and H.D.P.E are mixed together
  • The mixture is then extruded
  • The extruded material in the case of the Nu Stone Print, Opaque and Card products is then coated with a further application of the chalk and H.D.P.E
  • In the case of the Nu Stone Card products the material is then calendared to give extra surface smoothness
  • Nu Stone Packaging is coated with a further application of just H.D.P.E
  • The products are then re-reeled or sheeted
  • Some of the products are then laminated and at the same time an opaque primer is applied