31 Jan 1899

The Under-Secretary for Mines received a telegram from the mining registrar at Marble Bar to-day stating that two brothers, Angus and William McPhee, brought into town a slug of gold weighing 404oz and about 200ozin smaller nuggets. The gold was discovered, in the gully two anda half miles south of Mount Ida lease, and two miles north of the spot where the famous Pantomime Nugget weighing 384oz was discovered by one Doyle nine years ago. The find is about 30 miles from Marble Bar, and the country is highly auriferous for miles. The discovery caused considerable excitement, the nugget being the largest ever discovered in this colony. Telegrams received by the Commissioner for Police and the Under-Secretary for Mines on Tuesday conveyed the information that a nugget of gold, larger than any previously discovered in the colony was unearthed- some 80 miles from Marble Bar a few days ago