Weabonga gold map packs

Weabonga gold map packs

Alluvial gold was found on the Mulla Creek and Rywung (now Weabonga) on Swamp Oak Creek in the early 1850s. The Tamworth Observer, of 5 August 1890, reported that about 25 men were working for gold on Swamp Oak and Mulla Creeks and Spring Gully. The three main reefs in the Swamp Oak field were ‘the Alpine, the Rainbow and the Storm King lines of reefs’ (Town and Country Journal, 10 January 1891). Up to 50 shafts were sunk into the ground around here and there were 400 to 500 people working here in January 1891.

Most of the gold mining here was in quartz reefs, Gold was mined here until at least 1922 when 3 ounces was recorded as having been found by three miners. 

Historic Gold Maps of Victoria And New South Wales


These maps and documents have been scanned at various resolutions, and can be downloded.

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