Free Thanes Creek Fossicking area-Warwick Goldfields

Free Thanes Creek Fossicking area-Warwick Goldfields

Thanes Creek is about 40km west of Warwick. Take the Cunningham Highway travelling towards Inglewood. At about 37km from the Warwick Post Office turn off to the right into Thanes Creek Road. The turn-off is 0.5km past the Thanes Creek Bridge, just past Thane railway siding.

Colours of gold can be obtained from the alluvial sediments within the stream channel and from gravel layers in the low bank or possibly from crevices in rock bars. During dry times, water may be scarce but pools do remain in better seasons. Panning is the simplest recovery method. The pan is filled with soil or gravel that has been sieved to remove the coarse fraction and water added. The material is mixed to slurry then the pan is gently tilted and rotated at the same time so that the over-flowing water carries off the lightest material. The pan is then swirled to spread out the residue containing the heavy material for close inspection. Geology The rocks in the Thanes Creek area have been mapped as the Texas beds, which are of Devonian to Carboniferous age. They include sandstone, mudstone, conglomerate, slate, chert, jasper, andesite and limestone. The primary auriferous quartz reefs occur mainly in slate. Alluvial gold in the gullies and creeks accumulated from the weathering of the rocks containing these reefs.

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