Back Creek Gold Field Gold maps Download

Back Creek Gold Field Gold maps Download

In 1879 it was stated that there had been several hundreds on the field, though it was then almost deserted. This shows that gold was probably discovered about the end of 1869. The reason for the desertion of the field was that most of the ground was held under large leases, and most of the miners had gone to Mathinna. On the discovery of gold there must have been a rapid migration to the field, and it must have become deserted almost as quickly when gold was discovered at Mathinna. In 1871 there were 400 oz. of gold produced; in 1872 the amount had fallen to 25 oz.; and after this the returns from the field were grouped with those from Lefroy. In Mr. Thureau’s report on the field in 1882 the four leads are described, and also the Franklin, Albion, All Nations, and Moonlight reefs. In 1884 it was reported that the field, having been twice abandoned, was again reviving, and several parties were obtaining gold. There were no further reports until 1907, when it was stated that the total production of the field till that date was between 9000 and 10,000 oz. In 1912 the Back Creek Alluvial and Quartz Syndicate, with a capital of £295, started work on the alluvial deposits, and obtained 13 oz. 12 dwt. of gold. In 1915 the Back Creek Deep Leads Gold Mining Company com­menced operations, and continued working until 1917, being assisted with a Government grant of £1000; but the work never got past the prospect­ing stage. In 1920 Gillam found 50 to 60 oz. of rough, ragged gold in the White Lead, but was unable to find the source of the gold.

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