Palgrave-Pikedale Gold maps  pro pack

Palgrave-Pikedale Gold maps pro pack

Gold was first discovered in the Warwick area in 1863 at the Canal Creek Goldfield. On the
eastern side of Canal Creek excellent alluvial ground was worked up to the base of the divide.
Between 1863 and 1887 it has been estimated that 20,000 ounces of gold was recovered. Although
leaders (narrow veins) of auriferous quartz were found along the divide in meta-sediments on the
eastern extremity of the alluvial deposits, there is no record of any attempt to work these finds.
In the following years a further 5 fields were identified and named the Talgai, Thanes Creek,
Leyburn, and Palgrave fields. Mining continued in his are until the early 1900’s when the
discovery of the Gympie goldfield let to the decline in mining at Warwick. The goldfields were
briefly re – opened in the 1930’s with government assistance but operations ceased by 1941.
Intermittent mining has continued to present day at a series of small claims.

Pikedale (32km north-west of Stanthorpe). This field is on the south-eastern extremity of the “gold belt” which extends from Leyburn in the north to Pikedale in the south. Gold production was confined to reef mining. Records show that the auriferous reefs were small but fairly rich. They were worked by small parties, and were generally abandoned about the 30m level.

Mineralization was found in both quartz ‘dykes’ and fissure fillings, strongly faulted in part, and usually carrying pyrite. Occasionally cassiterite (tin) was found associated with the gold in some of the mines. The reefs were not very large or very rich and difficulty was encountered with recovery of gold associated with pyrite. No full record of actual production has been found. The country rocks are slate, indurated shale, and greywacke striking north and dipping at high angles. Small dioritic lenses have been found along relict bedding planes of the sediments in some of the mines. Strike of the auriferous deposits varies from east to east-north-east and they have a variable dip.

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