6 HA alluvials turn key mine

Ref : vance

Amenities :

  • Onsite living rough shed

Financial informations :

Price $ 1 ,200 ,000

Details :

Since buying the lease, nine months ago, we have been fully occupied preparing the area for mining.

Roads have been upgraded; plant and machinery moved in and set up on the site.

The camp-site has been established and dams have been built.

A lot of work has been put into preparation but every thing has now been completed and the mining operation is, now, ready to go.

In our sampling we have found shallow and deep seated gold. There are about five old diggings on the lease; probably dug by early Chinese miners. We have picked up several nuggets on the lease; the largest being 25 ounces.

Asking Price: Negotiations will start at the asking price of $1.2 million.


Partnership: Even though we have the mine for sale we would, seriously, consider staying with the operation if able to attract a working, or silent, financial partner. A one-third partner would be the ideal solution for a solid operation. The asking price for this partnership would be in the area of $350,000.oo.


To show an expression of interest: We can be contacted by, either, phone or E-Mail. Please use the phone numbers orE.Mail address below.

Eddy Croker: 0407068446

Trevor McGreggor: 0408077800

E-Mail: vance_785@hotmail.com

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