Gold & Ghosts

Gold and ghosts extracts and reports for gold prospecting and fossicking
We will write a report on any area covered by the Gold and Ghosts books in Queensland and Western Australia. We can also do other areas, but it may take longer- Just ask anyway!

We do not copy any maps from Gold & Ghosts- we distill the information down onto current  maps and GPS points- giving you the best place to look and the best chance of gold.
As part of this report we will plot locations on modern maps, and save the files so they can be programmed into GPS, Oziexplorer and Google earth.

What makes our maps different? Ours are created by real prospectors, using a variety of information such as David De Havilland's “Gold & Ghosts” series, mining company reports, geologist’s reports, Departments of mines archives and good old fashioned ground work.

Gold and ghosts map compared with GoldMaps Map

There are more than 8000 known gold baring places in Queensland, Find one now!
Spend more time looking for Gold, and less time finding where to look! Items Can be downloaded. 
If you have a certain area in mind, email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to ensure we have relevant information for you.


Historic Gold Maps of Victoria And New South Wales


These maps and documents have been scanned at various resolutions, and can be downloded.

These maps can provide valuable insights into new areas.

We are geo-referencing the maps  where possible. If you would like a certain map done, please email

NSW historic maps can be downloaded here

Victorian historic Gold maps can be downloaded here